Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Chance for Contest

A week ago, I introduced a contest to design the best lineup from the 2002 Giants roster; details are here and here.  Submissions for the contest are due tonight, so if you want  to participate but haven't given me a lineup, either post it as a comment here or email it to me by 11:59 tonight.

I'll announce the results of the contests sometime tomorrow.

Also, I've run some more simulations with Basim on the 2000-2011 season; it looks like the correlation between RAA* and runs scored by a team is .963; without very many simulations (20,000 per player) the correlation between eWAA and runs scored is .952, but that number should go up with more simulations as the noise goes down (due to limited computing power it's taking a while to get a fuller result).

Also, if anyone has a suggestion for what I should write on (baseball, philosophy, or anything else), let me know.


RAA, runs above average, is the baseline offensive stat used to construct WAR; I'm using a modified version that removes ballpark advantage, etc. to do an apples-to-apples comparison.

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